Dear clients,

We are happy to announce we are ready to start a gradual re-opening of our office for in person appointments. Our aim is to minimize risk, maximize safety and carefully follow the health data to guide our decisions. Some of our therapists are currently offering in office sessions for children under 12 and a limited number of additional clients who are not able to make virtual sessions work for them.

Please be aware that some of our therapists are not providing in office sessions due to issues with child care and their own family’s health and well being. We ask for your patience and kindness if this is the case for your therapist. We hope you will give virtual sessions a try, and if that does not work for you then we can help you transition to a therapist who can see you in the office.

Everyone’s safety and emotional security is our highest priority. We will be using the following safety protocol and ask for your help:

  • Please do not use the waiting room to wait for your session. Instead, please wait  outside or in your car. At the time of your session, watch for your therapist to come to the door of the office to greet you and welcome you or your child into the office.
  • Communication with parents will either happen by phone or video session, or if it is possible we can have short conversations outside.
  • Our office will be disinfected several times a day. We will use CDC approved disinfectant on all high-touch surfaces. All toys a child uses in their session will be set aside and disinfected according to CDC guidelines before another child uses them.
  • No McConaghie Counseling staff member who has illness symptoms will provide in person sessions. No McConaghie Counseling staff member who has been exposed to someone who is ill with any symptoms related to coronavirus will provide in-office sessions.
  • All therapist and clients will use either face shields or masks during their sessions. We have some face shields and clear masks which can be borrowed and that we disinfect between sessions. We encourage the use of clear plastic protective equipment because it creates more connection and engagement between therapist and client. If you have a mask, shield or other protective equipment you would like your child to use during their sessions we will, of course, honor that.
  • Both client and therapist will wash hands or use hand sanitizer at the beginning of the session. We will also offer hand sanitizer to children before they enter your car after their sessions.
  • If you need to use the restroom in the office, please note and follow our enter and exit hallways.
  • Our office staff, Patty and Anita, are available to answer phones or help you in the office during business hours. Please understand for your protection and theirs they will leave the glass window in the reception area closed.

We want you to feel at ease when you come for your child’s session or your own. We will continue to watch the health data and notify you when we have made a decision about our next phase of in person sessions. Of course, there is no way to completely eliminate risk during this pandemic so you must make your own decisions about what feels safe for you. Video sessions will be available for as long as you wish to use them, and may choose to return to video sessions only if there is another resurgence of the pandemic in the coming months. Please let us know what we can do to make you more comfortable.

Tracy and Andrew McConaghie