Upside Down Divorce®

Tracy and Andrew McConaghie have developed The Upside Down Divorce® Process as an alternative to the typical toxic legal battles.  Most people have watched someone else go through a destructive divorce or sadly experienced it themselves. Andrew and Tracy have specialized in helping couples and children navigate divorce successfully for years. As they watched the painful results of divorce for their clients, they developed a better way.

This unique, step by step Upside Down Divorce® process puts children first and helps create a new co-parenting relationship that works.

Do you want your divorce to be different? Do you want you and your children to thrive after divorce?

Upside Down Divorce® offers:

  • A non-adversarial approach to your divorce.
  • The ability to give you and your children a healthy chance to move forward.
  • A chance to end your divorce a lot faster.
  • A chance to abolish the win-lose mentality of litigation & favor a win-win solution.
  • The opportunity to solve the problems of divorce in a cooperative instead of hostile manner.
  • More privacy and confidentiality.
  • The freedom to move at your own pace.

This results in collaboration instead of power struggles, expert solutions instead of endless conflict, child centered plans instead of hostility and bitterness, and a structured efficient plan instead of high legal bills. 

Our years of experience and expertise in divorce, child development and healthy families have allowed us to turn divorce Upside Down and offer an entirely different approach.

In the Upside Down Divorce®, clients receive a structured, step-by-step approach, guided with expertise and compassion.

  1. First, clients complete their parenting plan, guided every step of the way in sessions that teach what children need, offer creative solutions to common problems, and create a new co-parenting relationship. This thorough parenting plan will set agreements for the logistics of children’s schedule, communication, decision making, holidays and more.
  2. Once that is complete, clients are referred to a financial specialist with expertise in divorce. At this stage, the financial settlement (division of assets, child support, taxes, etc.) is completed.
  3. Attorneys enter the process at the end (we do things Upside Down!) We are convinced divorce should be a mental health/family health process first, not a legal one. Attorneys are needed to check the documents for adherence to local laws and complete the process of filing with the courts. We work closely with a small group of attorneys who support this collaborative, positive process.

If you want to avoid legal hassles and find real solutions for your family, we want to help you. Contact us for more information or to schedule your first session.

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