Positive Discipline

The real purpose of discipline is to equip children with the skills they need to be successful adults, and to create loving family relationships.

Tracy McConaghie is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and teaches strategies that address whining, power struggles, sibling rivalry and other problem behaviors. Her classes, workshops, and individual consultations provide powerful discipline tools for both parents and teachers. These tools increase responsibility, respect and cooperation in children. Tracy’s workshops are encouraging, fun, dynamic and experiential.

The following is a list of options available to learn more about Positive Discipline:

  1. Individual parent consultations at McConaghie Counseling.
  2. Parenting classes are held periodically at McConaghie Counseling. Classes provide a multitude of practical discipline tools.
  3. Speaking engagements and workshops at schools, places of worship, and neighborhoods including one hour presentations, two-day trainings, and everything in between.
Our Positive Discipline Therapists