Rethinking Divorce by Andrew McConaghie with Tracy McConaghie

Are you (or a friend or family member) struggling to decide whether or not to stay in a marriage because of the stigma of divorce? Do you want a better way to approach the end of your marriage?

Rethinking Divorce will. . .

  • Address the challenges in this decision and the many myths surrounding marriage and divorce.
  • Outline a process of divorce that reduces toxicity between divorcing couples and sets them up to be collaborative co-parents following divorce.
  • Offer guidance on becoming a healthy individual before, during and after divorce.
  • Revolutionize how our society thinks about divorce so that it is no longer judged as shameful but instead is accepted as a healthy decision for many couples.

Rethinking Divorce is a book for anyone who is contemplating divorce, who is in the middle of a divorce, or who has experienced divorce (and for those who love them).